Monday, June 8, 2009

MaxAir2Air Pictures

Since I have a hobby of aviation photography I am glad that I found Max Haynes and his splendid website MaxAir2Air Pictures, by far the best online magazine of air photo essays of aviation - with over a million visitors!

I was raised in Dayton, Ohio, The Birthplace of Aviation.  My uncle had a WWII T-6 based at Wright Field (later the Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the birthplace of the US Air Force) and as a young boy I was able to go out on the ramp with him and my Dad, watch close up the preflight and start-up, and experience  the thrill of seeing and feeling the T-6 roar into the air.  This was my first inspiration to fly!  This week  features a lovely essay/movie FLYING DREAM by Max Haynes - a title that brings back many memories.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

AOPA BLOG - "Reporting Points"

I will occasionally add a new link to my sidebar and today I wanted to feature a blog post to the AOPA Reporting Points. The particular post is titled Members Everywhere and is a very special read about EAA's Young Eagles Program and AOPA's LetsGoFlying program involving a Southwest Airline pilot interested in taking more kids for rides.

I was with a United Airlines Captain yesterday who flies out of Dulles International mostly European destinations and we were talking about how I wish I could have been at our Young Eagles event rather than photographing the wedding. He was very interested in hearing of these programs and shared with me his first inspiration to be a pilot. Our EAA 309 Young Eagles program Chairman Hal Schwab reported today that our chapter pilots flew 56 Young Eagles!!