Monday, June 8, 2009

MaxAir2Air Pictures

Since I have a hobby of aviation photography I am glad that I found Max Haynes and his splendid website MaxAir2Air Pictures, by far the best online magazine of air photo essays of aviation - with over a million visitors!

I was raised in Dayton, Ohio, The Birthplace of Aviation.  My uncle had a WWII T-6 based at Wright Field (later the Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the birthplace of the US Air Force) and as a young boy I was able to go out on the ramp with him and my Dad, watch close up the preflight and start-up, and experience  the thrill of seeing and feeling the T-6 roar into the air.  This was my first inspiration to fly!  This week  features a lovely essay/movie FLYING DREAM by Max Haynes - a title that brings back many memories.